Sustainable forestry
8.3 million acres statewide are certified as sustainably managed by independent auditors --that’s about 50 percent of Maine’s working forest.

Adapting to our challenges

Maine's logging community adapts and contracts as we enter the winter season. What is traditionally our busiest and most productive time of harvest, “the winter surge,” will be stifled by wood yards that are filled with logs, pulpwood and biomass. Contractors accustomed to “making hay” during this winter season will under capacity and facing a growing amount of equipment payments.

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Good news about budworm

Maine’s 2016 trap numbers, the L2 data and ground and air observations all confirm we are still in a period with low populations of spruce budworm across Maine’s forests. his year the most moths caught per trap at a site has been 49, while last year we had 320 at one site, and several sites over 150 moths/trap.

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Legislative breakfasts build relationships

For the first time, MFPC held joint breakfasts with SWOAM, Professional Logging Contractors of Maine (PLC) and the Maine Pulp & Paper Association (MPPA) and a number of candidates said they were pleased to see the industry speaking as a united force. "It’s really helpful when the industry can be unified," said Rep. Jeff McCabe, D-Skowhegan, "and come to the Legislature with a common 'ask' and express what their common needs are."

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An 'awesome' MFPC meeting

Three of the highlights were the presentation on the new UMaine research about the economic impact of Maine's forest products industry, a fascinating tour through UMaine’s Advanced Structures & Composites Center and Process Development Center and a lively discussion of the most exciting new uses of wood. “Cross-laminated timber is being used to construct ever higher tall buildings around the world,” said Steve Shaler, director of UMaine's School of Forest Resources. “CLT is an opportunity that needs to be looked ...

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Spreading science

It was like a barn raising – only without the barn. Over three days this summer, volunteers from across Maine’s forest community helped create an outdoor classroom pavilion for the Maine TREE Foundation at the Holt Research Forest in Arrowsic. “Maine TREE is excited about the opportunity to bring teachers, students and the community into closer contact with the research, data and hands-on experience at our own Holt Forest,” said Sherry Huber, executive director. “We are especially grateful to University of ...

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Jim Contino, center

MFPC's new president, Jim Contino

"I am quite proud to accept the role of president of MFPC," Contino said, "and am looking forward to becoming much more involved in Council business over the next two years. This is something I have looked forward to for some time now. Some of you might not think that a guy from a recently bankrupt paper company is necessarily the best person to serve as president. Let me tell you why you might be wrong.

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2016 Outstanding Logger: William A. Day and Sons

In recognition of exemplary performance on the ground and a commitment to meeting the management objectives of family forests owners through innovation, diversification and the ability to adapt to and embrace change in challenging times, the Maine Forest Products Council is proud to present this award for Outstanding Logger of 2016 William A. Day Jr. & Sons of Porter. From left, Emily Frizzell-Day, Brian Day, Nicholetta Day, Scott Day, Diane Day, Brent Day and Todd Proctor of Verso.

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Check out Maine's budworm website

A new spruce budworm website, designed to be a comprehensive communications outreach tool and resource for the coming outbreak in Maine, has been launched by a statewide task force.The website provides facts about the natural cycle of the budworm, current information regarding the approach and potential impacts of the next outbreak, an historical backdrop, and interactive maps on current outbreak status and citizen science. It also includes an interactive Q&A on the site, and the ability to request experts to ...

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Paper is still No. 1!

Along with paper, forest products and wood products are among the Maine's top 11 exports by industry, with a combined value of $736,783,355 – 27 percent of Maine’s total exports in 2015. Canada continues to be the top destination for all Maine exports, including forest products. Total U.S. exports of forest products topped $33.7 billion last year.

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LePage, Budworm Task Force release response plan

Gov. Paul R. LePage and members of the Maine Spruce Budworm Task Force will unveil “Coming Spruce Budworm Outbreak: Initial Risk Assessment and Preparation & Response Recommendations for Maine’s Forestry Community” at a news conference in the Cabinet Room on Wednesday, March 16 at 9 a.m. “Maine assembled an impressive team of experts in advance of this spruce budworm outbreak to learn from the last outbreak and take steps to help minimize damage from this one,” Gov. LePage said.

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Legislative leaders support Maine's forest economy

MFPC certainly achieved its goal of helping legislative leaders better understand the Maine’s forest products industry, but also gained an unexpected bonus. During the panel discussion at our board meeting, a strategy started to emerge, along with a sense of purpose and list of short- and long-term actions that could strengthen Maine’s forest economy.

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Amazing lynx photos

MFPC just sent comments, reports and photos regarding the Canada lynx status review. Foresters working for a number of MFPC members in the northern forests are seeing a lot of lynx. Even if you just want to look at the great pictures of beautiful lynx, this report is worth a look.

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Maine's 'Battle of the Budworm'

Most Mainers barely recall the last spruce budworm infestation, when the northern forests turned red as they came under attack. Nor do they realize how budworm has shaped Maine’s history, economy, laws and culture. But those who lived through the 1970s outbreak are watching with dismay as another outbreak heads our way. They vividly remember the devastation, including moth flights “so severe that they literally had to be scraped off the road with snow plows.”

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Join us!

Since 1961, the Maine Forest Products Council has been the voice of Maine's forest economy, including landowners, paper mills, sawmills, wood pellet plants, biomass energy plants, loggers, truckers, primary and secondary wood processors, and related service industries. The primary purpose of the Council is to provide a supportive economic and public policy climate for the forest products community and promote a healthier, more vital forestry sector.

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About MFPC

Since 1961, the Maine Forest Products Council has been the voice of Maine’s forest economy. The MFPC represents the diverse needs of Maine’s forest products community. Our members are landowners, loggers, truckers, paper mills, tree farmers, foresters and lumber processors, but they are also bankers, lawyers and insurance executives. We feel we represent anyone who has an interest in seeing the Maine woods remain a viable, sustainable resource.

We serve our community by gathering information, bringing groups together to discuss concerns, hosting events, conducting tours and helping people find common ground.

We represent our members at the Maine Legislature, but also across the state, in Washington D.C. and across the nation.

The MFPC Board is very active, and holds weekly policy teleconferences during each legislative session to discuss legislation of interest and arrive at a position.

MFPC fact sheet

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Maine's Forest Economy

2016 industry impact estimated at $8.5 billion

Despite some tumultuous years, Maine’s forest products industry will contribute an estimated $8.5 billion to the economy statewide in 2016 and support 33,538 jobs.  About one of every 24 jobs in Maine are associated with the forest products industry and about $1 of every $20 of Maine’s GDP.



Perspectives on 

industry changes

We’re entering the 128th Legislature with a significant amount of change having taken place in Maine’s forest industry. While our members are weathering the storm I wanted to provide some perspective on what’s happening in light of our challenges.

Gov. Paul R. LePage continues to champion our industry and Maine’s congressional delegation has been looking for ways to help as well. In the same way our incoming Legislature will be eager to help if we can provide them with good ideas for their action.  The “Roadmap” strategic planning project we put forward last session with the University of Maine has been joined by additional industry partners and we’ll be following up with legislators on that project. Read more.

Calendar of Events

MFPC Executive Committee Meeting

When: Thu January 12 9:00 AM - Sun February 12 12:00 PM
Where: MFPC Office - Augusta

Board of Directors Meeting

There will be a Legislative Reception immediately after the BOD meeting.
When: Thu February 9 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

MFPC Legislative Reception

Maine legislators are invited to enjoy great food, drinks and opportunities to talk fellow legislators and MFPC members from across the state. What's ahead for Maine's forest products industry - Challenges, opportunities and strategies. Call 207-622-9288 for more information.
When: Thu February 9 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Where: MFPC Office, 535 Civic Center Dr., Augusta ME

Executive Committee Meeting

When: Thu March 9 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Board of Directors Meeting

When: Thu March 9 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM






McCormack receives Austin Wilkins Award

The only person surprised – stunned really – that Max McCormack of Unity received this year’s prestigious Austin H. Wilkins Forest Stewardship Award was McCormack himself.

“When Sherry Huber called me about this I was, in fact, speechless,” he told a crowd of friends and colleagues at the Blaine House. “I think she had to ask if I was still on the line. And it has given me cause to reflect more than any other event in my career on how it happened and where I’ve been.” Read more.



The best of 2016

Don Tardie of Ashland, who retired as managing director of the Maine Woods Co. in 2013, received the prestigious Albert D. Nutting Award. Read more.

Dave Struble of Pittston, state entomologist at the Maine Forest Service, received the Abby Holman Public Service Award. Read more.

Mike Dann of Dixmont, who worked for Seven Islands Land Co. for 36 years, was named Outstanding Forester. Read more.

William A. Day Jr. and Sons of Porter was chosen as Outstanding Logger. Read more.


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As Baby Boomers retire, jobs are opening up in Maine’s forests. Do you have what it takes to work in the largest contiguous privately owned working forest in the U.S.? Decide after you’ve watched this video.

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