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MFS gears up for budworm monitoring in 2015

In June, with the help of landowners, MFS plans to increase pheromone trapping sites to 500, to better monitor the budworm population.

MFS pheromone trap used to monitor Maine’s budworm population.

The Maine Forest Service (MFS)  is coordinating spruce budworm monitoring again in 2015. Budworm monitoring information  is basically the same is 2014.

MFS is working with the Cooperative Forestry Research Unit (CFRU) School of Forest Resources, University of Maine, and the Canadian Forest Service on research that will improve our understanding of budworm population dynamics so outbreaks can  be better managed. To that end Erin Simons-Legaard and Kasey Legaard may be contacting you about moving some sites slightly or we may ask for a few additional sites.

MFS is also looking for 20-25 sites where one budworm trap would be checked 2-3 times/week from mid-June through mid-August. The trap would be emptied at each check, moths bagged, labelled and kept in a freezer until the end of the season.

Please contact Charlene Donahue, MFS forest entomologist,, 207-287-3244, of the Maine Forest Service (MFS),  if you are interested in participating this year AND if you trapped SBW last year. Please fill  out the  supply inventory sheet below and return it as soon as possible.


Will run budworm traps in 2015 __ yes           __no

Number of sites         __same  __more  __fewer __new to program

Will run weekly traps           __yes

Spruce Budworm Pheromone Trapping Supply Inventory – CLEAN TRAPS before putting out
Cooperator: Date:
Item Number in Need
TRAPS Good Condition Replacing
Number on hand
kill strips

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