2019 forest products exports decline for U.S. and Maine

In 2019, forest products exports dropped for both the U.S. (-9.7%) and for Maine (-11.7%), according to trade statistics compiled by the Maine International Trade Center (MITC).  Read full report:  Maine Forest Products Council – 2019 Trade Stats – ME

Yet forest products still claimed three spots in the Top 10 Maine Exports by Commodity. In the No. 4 spot is Paper & Paperboard & Articles, which increased almost 12% from 2018 to 2019. In contrast, No. 5, Wood and Articles of Wood declined 14.88% and No. 8., Wood Pulp Etc; Recovd (Waste & Scrap), dropped 30.6 percent.

According to Recycling Today, weak demand for recovered fiber began when China cut back its imports of recovered fiber in 2017 and has been further affected by the weak global economy.

Exports increased in five of the 10 products listed in the Wood and Articles of Wood category, including:

  • Fuel Wood In Logs Etc; Wood In Chips, Etc., 15.73%
  • Wood, Continuously Shaped (Tongued, Grooved Etc.), 71.6%
  • Railway Or Tramway Sleepers (Cross-Ties) Of Wood, 41.63%
  • Tools/Tool & Broom Bodies Etc Shoe Last/Trees Wood, 25.53%
  • Casks, Barrels, Vats, Etc. And Parts, Of Wood, 54.12%