A new way to market Maine to forest products investors

By Jim L. Robbins, former president of Robbins Lumber

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FOR/Maine has been working on attracting new forest industries to Maine. We’ve been particularly interested in attracting an MDF or particle board manufacturer because of all the sawmill residuals and spruce -fir fiber we have available. Therefore, last fall Shane O’Neill and I attended the Composite Panel Association in Denver.

Panel manufacturers from all over the world were there and we got to talk to many of them. We learned that they all read and/or advertise in their industry magazine called Surface and Panel Magazine. It is a very impressive magazine. As it turned out, Patrick Adams, the owner of the magazine has several other publications, one of in which many sawmills in Maine, including Robbins Lumber, advertise. Adams took us under his wing and introduced us to many of the association members. He also offered us advertising in his magazine at half price to help us. So we thought it was a good place to advertise all the unique assets of Maine’s forest products industry and to try to attract some investors to consider coming to Maine.
Thanks to the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development for funding the ad. Here’s hoping that it works.