Please contribute to the Maine Forest Legacy PAC


The Maine Forest Legacy PAC is an independent organization from the MFPC, focused on contributions to the various political parties and leaders that support a healthy forest economy.

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When our members speak, candidates listen and learn, and that benefits the entire industry as well as our state. This is a critical time for the forest products industry, so it’s essential that we invest in relationships with candidates on both sides of the aisle. They need to know more about our $8.5 billion industry and what it needs to thrive.

Our success in building these important relationships directly reflects our resources. It takes time and financial support to organize and manage our strategy and – with the election just weeks away – we need your help. We have raised about $5,000 and we’re shooting for $10,000.

Our fundraising goals are modest by trade association standards because we’re building on the Maine Forest Legacy PAC’s success over many years. That success is based in part on creating opportunities for contributors to be recognized and to meet with the candidates that we collectively support. This effort includes one-on-one meetings and events. For example, we’re hoping to host a gathering for Congressman Bruce Poliquin (date to be determined).

Since elections laws limit the effectiveness of direct contributions to individual candidates, we focus on state House and Senate PACs that support sound leadership. We also help candidates who have supported our industry in the past.

If you have questions about our strategy or would just like to know more about Maine’s changing political scene, I would be happy to sit down and talk with you. Every donor also is welcome to help us develop our political action plan by becoming a member of the Forest Legacy Board of Directors.

We don’t know yet who our leaders will be or what direction they will take us, but we know for certain that we need a voice in that discussion. You can make your check payable to the Maine Forest Legacy PAC or for more information, call 207-622-9288 or email me.

So please donate today. Together, we can make a real difference.


Maine contributions:
Maine Forest Legacy PAC
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