2013 Outstanding Forester: David Cole

John Bryant, David Cold and Patrick Strauch.
John Bryant, David Cole and Patrick Strauch.

By John Bryant, American Forest Management

MFPC Vice President Jim Contino of Verso Paper and I both nominated David Cole, from American Forest Management in Milford, as Forester of the Year.

Four words best describe David . . . credible, humble, adaptable and a leader

  • David is recognized as a credible practitioner who has worked in Maine since 1996 for various landowners including Champion International, Robbins Nicatous, Bangor Water District, Katahdin Area Council and BBC Lands.
  • He is a very humble forester who shy’s away from the notoriety like this award provides.
  • He is very adaptable, which is a valued attribute to a forestry consulting company like AFM.
  • He has worked closely with the local Boy Scout troop as Assistant Troop Leader to lead backpacking excursions and forestry awareness sessions.
  • He is a leader and mentor to younger foresters and senior foresters.  He expects high standards for forest management, public interaction and planning.
  • He has a huge heart and knows how to give back.  David has provided passionate leadership for the Log-a Load for Kids fundraising activities in Maine.
Jim Contino, Barbara Hamilton, Clare Cole, David Cole and John Bryant.
Jim Contino, Barbara Hamilton, Clare Cole, David Cole and John Bryant.

Criteria for award: This award will be given to an individual who has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to directly apply forest management practices in a “working forest” environment on either private or public lands.

  •  Application of a broad range of silvicultural practices and the supervision of operational activities is a prerequisite for this award.
  • The individual must demonstrate the ability to adopt emerging concepts and research results to improve forest management. The ability to incorporate other societal and biological considerations such as aesthetics and wildlife into silvicultural practices must be shown as well.
  • The individual must have the ability to mentor other forest practitioners in forest management practices.

Additional criteria to consider:

  • Forester license or SAF Certified Forester Certificate
  • Scale of operations and tenure
  • Involvement within the forestry community and professional organizations
  • Membership/participation in related organizations
  • History of environmental/regulatory compliance
  • Support for safety.

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