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Maine has about 4 millions of acres of conserved lands. That’s more acres than Yellowstone (2,219,791) and Everglades (1,507,850) national parks combined.

2013 President’s Award goes to Patrick Strauch

MFPC Board President Mark Doty and Executive Director Patrick Strauch.

MFPC Board President Mark Doty and Executive Director Patrick Strauch.

By Mark Doty, President of the MFPC Board of Directors

It is my great pleasure to award Patrick Strauch the MFPC President’s Award. He has led and championed the Maine forest products industry for many years, doing admirably advancing the mission of the Council and of our members.

His consistent, rational, transparent, calm and honest approach has served the Council well and enhanced our image and reputation with the administration, legislature, agencies, natural resource groups, the public and our members. (This year he made a great personal sacrifice in shamelessly pursuing the sympathy vote.)

Pat has done an outstanding job building strategic alliances and has positioned the MFPC as the hub for many resource based industries.

Within the council he does a wonderful job of defusing potential problems stemming from issues that are divisive to MFPC’s membership and could potentially pit members against one another.  He mitigates these conflicts by focusing on the interdependency of the membership.

I find working with Pat a great pleasure and have a tremendous respect for his methods and accomplishments. When we are working on a tough issue (seems like most of the time) I am comforted when he utters the words “I think we’re in good shape,” and I am concerned when I don’t hear them. He has taught me a huge amount through my first year as president, and I look forward to the year ahead.

It is my great pleasure to award Patrick Strauch the President’s Award.

Inscription on award: For his tireless effort and successful record in advancing Maine’s forest industry in the Capitol and beyond, by building coalitions and leading an effective management team at the Council, the MFPC proudly presents the 2013 President’s Award to Patrick Strauch.

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