2013 Outstanding Logger: Sam Andrews

Maine’s Outstanding Logger 2013: Sam Andrews
John Ackley of Plum Creek, Sam Andrews, Patrick Strauch and Mark Doty.
Martha Andrews, Sam Andrews and two members of Andrews' logging crew, Ronald Hartford and Tony Ricker.
Martha Andrews, Sam Andrews and two members of Andrews’ logging crew, Ronald Hartford and Tony Ricker.

John Ackley, resource supervisor at  Plum Creek Timber Company, nominated Sam Andrews of Atkinson as the Outstanding Logger of 2013 for his exemplary work over many years in Maine’s forests. After receiving the award, Andrews gave credit to his hard-working crew. Andrews also serves as a selectman in Atkinson.

Criteria for MFPC’s Outstanding Logger Award:

  • Based in Maine
  • Utilizes proper safety techniques
  • Practices harvesting methods that protect the environment
  • Pursues exemplary employee relations
  • Responsible spokesman for the industry
  • Improves logger-forester-landowner by demonstrating fair and efficient practices
  • Practices good aesthetic work habits

Categories that should be considered in nomination:

  • Safety information: adheres to good harvesting and transportation safety practices, use of personal protection equipment, provides safety training for employees, provides safety incentives, etc.
  • Forest Management information; types of harvests, extent of harvest planning, extent of attention paid to harvest plan, soil erosion protection, etc.
  • Timber Harvesting information; major harvesting and transportation equipment, maintenance program, utilization standard, top and slash disposal, aesthetics of timber harvesting, clean up, leaves buffer strips, adheres to local timber harvesting ordinances/regulations, etc.
  • Business Management information; number and job titles of nominee’s employees, types of insurance and benefits provided, relationship with business community, use of contracts for purchasing, cutting and hauling timber, payroll and bookkeeping system, etc.
  • Other information; awards, community and association work, family involvement in business, promotes industry, news articles or press releases on logging/timber harvesting, etc.

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