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Wood is sustainable, renewable, greenhouse-gas friendly, highly versatile, grown with relatively little effort. Forests provide clean air, water, wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

Facts, figures and reports about Maine’s forests

Economic Impact

Sustainable Forestry

The State of Maine’s Carbon Budget

Forest Health

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Forests for Maine’s Future FAQ’s About Maine’s Forests – Overview

  1. How much forest does Maine have?
  2. What trees grow in Maine‘s woods?
  3. How do trees vary thoughout the state?
  4. How has the forest changed over time?
  5. Who owns Maine’s forests?
  6. How much do they contribute to Maine’s economy?
  7. What about outdoor recreation?
  8. What about the environmental benefits of the forest?
  9. How much wood is harvested in the state?
  10. What is sustainable forestry?
  11. What about clear cutting? 
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For the safety of MFPC's members and staff, the Council decided not to hold an in-person annual meeting this year. The MFPC Board of Directors will hold a virtual meeting at 9 a.m., Monday, Sept. 21.
When: Mon September 21 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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