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After some of the toughest years in the long history of Maine’s forest products industry, a new, stronger forest economy is emerging thanks to investments of about $1 billion.

FOR/Maine (RoadMap)


Forest Opportunity Roadmap / Maine (FOR/Maine) is a unique cross-sector collaboration between industry, communities, government, education, and non-profits, which have come together to ensure that Maine adapts to market changes quickly and strategically in order to maintain our leading role in the global forest economy.
The coalition was created with support from the U.S. Economic Development Administration and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. We are combining collaborative actions, innovation, market and resource management expertise, and reliable data to guide smart investment and market expansion in the forest economy.

FOR/Maine has finished its data-gathering phase and released its goals and strategies in the Forest Opportunity Roadmap, available at www.formaine.org.

Goal 1 Sustain and grow Maine’s existing and emerging forest products economy, reaching $12 Billion in economic impact by 2025.
Goal 2 Manage the wood resource using sustainable and responsible forest management practices.
Goal 3 Prepare workforce for the future of the forest products economy.
Goal 4 Increase prosperity in Maine forest economy communities, especially those in rural Maine, including those affected by mill closures.
Goal 5 Organize the forest products industry with committed public sector partners, including the University of Maine, to implement the vision and goals.


Development of a Strategic Investment Attraction Plan for Maine’s Forest Industry (Strategic Investment Attraction RFP 10.10.19)


FOR-Maine Phase II Communications and Public Relations RFP ( https://maineforest.org/for-maine-phase-ii-communications-and-public-relations-rfp/)

CLARIFICATIONS on the REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS for FOR/Maine Communications and Public Relations 12.11.2019
DATES: Interested persons are invited to submit proposals by 11:59 pm (ET) on December 17, 2019.
CONTACT: Completed proposals are to be submitted to Brianna Bowman, Program Director FOR/Maine at bbowman@mdf.org.

SUMMARY: FOR/Maine is soliciting competitive bids for Communications and Public Relations services. At the close of the period for questions, FOR/Maine is addressing common requests through a memo to all potential applicants.

The project period runs from January 2020 through March 2022. Communications and Public Relations services will be required at various degrees of intensity throughout the full project period. Development of timelines and sequencing of tasks is left to the consultant’s discretion and will be reviewed and considered by the committee.
The budget of $1,161,635 covers all costs for the full project period. This includes the work of six funded committees. Committees are funded according to their level of priority to the project and the resources necessary to successfully execute their mission. Communications and Public Relations is among the top priorities for this project.
The FOR/Maine Executive Steering Committee, listed publicly at formaine.org, is responsible for overseeing Communications and Public Relations work. A working group composed of Executive Committee members will be responsible for direct oversight of consultant activities. One point person will be assigned from within this working group.
The consultant will be responsible for the primary organization of content and facilitation for focus groups. FOR/Maine staff and committee members will support the consultant by managing venue selection, providing relevant contacts, and providing additional logistical support as needed.
Project budgets should include all end-costs, including outside expenses. Ballpark or recommended ranges are acceptable and final costs are to be reviewed and authorized by FOR/Maine during the project period.

Videos described in the RFPs will be used to tell the story of opportunity in the forest industry to various audiences identified, and the Committee will seek advisement from the consultant on the appropriate length and content for the videos. Video footage used in previous Maine Forest Product Council and Maine Development Foundation projects may be utilized.

The current FOR/Maine website is hosted on WordPress.

The consultant is responsible for communicating a primary message of opportunity in Maine’s forest economy that aligns with FOR/Maine’s Vision and Roadmap, available at formaine.org. This report includes information on plans to focus on development of markets for low-grade forest residuals and by-products while supporting markets for high-value products, but more importantly, advertises sustainability, opportunities for growth, and careers in the forest industry. The committee may request audiences with selected finalists for the Project.


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