July 2013

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Golf tournament winners!

Brian Bouchard, Harold Newman, Jeff Bouchard and Amos McCannell of Comstock Woodlands Corp. captured 1st Place Gross (56) at the MFPC tournament July 18. Check out all the winners.

 Brian Bouchard, Harold Newman, Jeff Bouchard and Amos McCannell of Comstock Woodlands Corp. captured 1st Place Gross (56) at the MFPC tournament July 18. Check out all the winners.

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On reflection

MFPC achieved success in the legislative session

on a path with many twists and turns

By Executive Director Patrick Strauch

 On July 9, Michelle MacClean texted me that the governor’s LD 1103 veto was sustained and I knew we were finally done with the long session of the 126th legislature. As I’ve mentioned in earlier newsletters, we knew we were in a defensive mode trying to protect the gains made in the 125th legislature, and I can report that we were sucessful in that effort, but I would never have predicted the path that we would need to take to achieve this success! Read more.

Don’t miss two important briefings at our annual meeting!

Invite a friend or colleague to join us Sept. 9 at Sugarloaf

 It’s coming . . .

Few can forget the devastation of the last spruce budworm outbreak. Now we’re gearing up for another. Find out what to expect and how Maine plans to fight back.

$8 billion . . .
Tired of hearing forestry is a “dying” industry? Now we have new facts and figures to prove the naysayers wrong. MFPC recently requested an economic impact study from the University of Maine. This new research shows the forest products sector contributes $8 billion to Maine’s  economy, including about 18,000 jobs directly and a total of 38,789 full and part-time jobs. One  of every 20 jobs in Maine is associated with forest products.

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maine forest ranger patchTask force on natural resources law enforcement meets

The Governor’s Task Force on Review of Needs, Resources and Opportunities for Efficiency Among Natural Resource Law Enforcement was established May 10, and held its first meeting July 10. The task force will likely meet every two to three weeks, with its report due on Dec. 1. Read more.

A broad coalition of landowners, agencies and organizations is improving fish passage

 FIN – the Fisheries Improvement Network – has produced a 10-minute video to bring its message about the need for improved fish passage and upgraded stream crossings to a wider audience. You’ll see some familar faces, including Pat Sirois, coordinator of Maine’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee, (known as SIC), and Keith Kanoti of the Maine Forest Service,and others. You can also watch the video and find out more about FIN at sfimaine.org.

Wooden Skidder Bridge Mat Construction and Installation Workshop – Dover-Foxcroft

The Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District, in partnership with the Maine Forest Service and Maine’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s education committee will hold a Wooden Skidder Bridge Mat Construction Workshop on Wednesday, July 31, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m at the PCSWCD’s Law Farm property in Dover-Foxcroft.

Pat Sirois
Pat Sirois

Bridge mats, or “temporary skidder bridges,” when used properly, allow temporary stream crossings to be installed with minimal impact to the waterbodies being crossed, and therefore protect water quality. This workshop will be hands-on, with participants learning how to construct a set of hemlock skidder bridge mats using a few simple tools. Proper installation of bridge mats also will be addressed during the workshop.

Presenters for the workshop will include Keith Kanoti, Water Resources Forester of the Maine Forest Service (MFS), Gordon Moore, MFS District Forester for Piscataquis County, and Pat Sirois, coordinator of the Maine Implementation Committee of the  Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).All participants in the workshop will be eligible to lease the temporary skidder bridges from the conservation district for a nominal fee. This Wooden Skidder Bridge Mat Construction Workshop is also approved for Certified Logging Professional contact credits. Pre-registration is required so sign up today at info@piscataquiscountyswcd.org or call 564-2321, ext.3.

 Maine stream habitat viewer launched

The Maine Stream Connectivity Work Group and Maine Office of Geographic Information Systems recently announced the launch of the Maine Stream Habitat Viewer. This online tool displays fish habitat and other stream features important to Maine’s economy, ecology and way of life. It also displays locations of dams and public road crossings surveyed to determine if they’re likely to block to the movements of fish and stream-dependent wildlife. The viewer provides a starting point for towns, private landowners, and others to learn more about stream habitats across the state. The Maine Stream Connectivity Work Group is a partnership of over 25 state, federal, non-government, and industry organizations working to enhance Maine’s stream restoration efforts. If you’d like more information, contact project manager Slade Moore, of the Maine Coastal Program and Gulf of Maine Council of visit the Stream Habitat Viewer.