May 3, 2013

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Committee favors arming rangers, but another vote is expected

LD 297, the bill to arm Maine’s forest rangers passed 11-2 vote at Wednesday’s work session, but that certainly wasn’t the last word or last vote of the Criminal Justice and Safety Committee. Senator Stan Gerzofsky D-Cumberland and co-chair, voted no and noted that not only are there technical problems with the bill, but there is no fiscal note. “I don’t want to vote on a bill today that will go down to Appropriations and die an inglorious death,” Gerzofsky said. Read more.

Legislative update by Patrick Strauch

at the legislatureI certainly appreciated the response to the call to action we put out to landowners about contacting the Criminal Justice Committee concerning the bill to arm rangers. As customers of the Maine Forest Service, including rangers, I think it is important that they understand our concerns. We will keep you posted as this issue is debated.

The ACF merger was discussed further this past Wednesday in work session focusing on moving the Natural Resource Network bill as modified by several legislators. In one proposed amendment of the bill the definition of Conservation Commissioner qualifications concerned the farming community and brought acceptance of the bill into question. Read more.

mainewatchMaine Watch features Strauch and TNC’s Tom Rumpf  

MPBN’s Maine Watch (April 25) features Executive Director Patrick Strauch and Tom Rumpf of the Nature Conservancy talking about stream restoration, upgrading culverts to allow fish passage and Keeping Maine’s Forests. You’ll find their segment about 15 minutes into the show.

‘Lumber and sons’ tells story of Maine’s sawmills

 MFPC member Eric Kingsley of Innovative Natural Resource Solutions recommends a wonderful video called Lumber and sons, that features the Robbins family — Jim Sr., Jim Jr., Catherine and Alden — and the Brochur family — Luke, Chris and Jason. “I thought you might enjoy this video (5 min) telling the story of family owned lumber mills. It is set in Maine, but it is really the story of the industry. This was done by my friends at the SOAP Group, and strikes me as the kind of thing we need more of.  Enjoy.”


The Maine Forest Products Council Annual meeting will be held Sept. 8-9  at Sugarloaf Mountain Resort in Carrabassett Valley.

Sign up for the MFPC golf tournament!golf tournament

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to have fun and catch up with your friends. Please join us at at the Bangor Municipal Golf Course on July 18. Learn more.