October 2014

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It’s not too late!

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With the scramble for last-minute funds and plenty of post-election receptions, a donation can still make a difference. Read more.

Great Opportunity

MFPC candidate breakfasts help forge relationships

By Patrick Strauch, MFPC Executive Director

I’ve just finished our MFPC series of candidate breakfasts throughout the state, from Sanford to Fort Kent , providing a great opportunity to meet with members and legislative candidates.

The greatest benefit of the breakfasts is to begin forging the relationship between legislators and their constituents. Because the true strength of the Council is in the relationships our members have with their locally elected officials. I predict an active 127th Legislature and those relationships you build with your local officials will be an important part of our success. Read more.

MFPC Executive director Patrick Strauch accepts his award at SAF convention in Utah.


Award winning!

SAF honors Strauch as outstanding communicator 

It was Mark Doty’s “great pleasure” to accompany MFPC Executive Director Patrick Strauch to the Society of American Foresters national convention in Salt Lake City recently and join in the applause as he was presented the W. D. Hagenstein Communicator Award for 2014. This national award is presented in recognition of an SAF member who displays the ability, talent and skill to lead innovative and exemplary communications initiatives and programs that increase the general public’s understanding of forestry and natural resources at the local, regional, or national level. Read more.


Hear the latest

CFRU hosts Spruce Budworm Workshop Thursday

To help forest managers, many of whom were not yet born during the last outbreak,  prepare for the coming SBW outbreak, UMaine’s Cooperative Forestry Research Unit (CFRU), which was formed 40 years ago during the last outbreak, is hosting a Spruce Budworm Workshop at the Wells Conference Center on Thursday October 30. Thirteen forestry experts from across Canada and the United States will describe what is known about SBW populations, forest risks, management responses, and options for controlling the insect and protecting the spruce-fir forest. Nearly 150 foresters from over 25 CFRU member organizations will come to Orono to hear about the latest scientific research on the budworm. Read more.


Membership directory

Buy an ad. promote your business and help MFPC

The Maine Forest Products Council is in the process of putting together an updated Membership Directory.  To help us offset  the cost of the printing and mailing of the directory, we are offering advertising options as outlined below.  The membership directory will be the same size as last time –  5 ½” x 8 ½” . We would like to pre-sell the advertising space before we launch the project which is estimated to cost $ 3500.  Contact Sue McCarthy by Nov. 21 if you would like to advertise in this year’s directory as we are hoping to get it to the printers by mid December. You can either send  a jpeg or PDF of your ad.

  • Whole Page (size 5 ½ x 8 ½): $200
  • ½ page ad (size 4×5 ½): $100
  • Business Card: $50
  • Inside Back Cover: $250
  • Back Cover: $300

Sharing insights

Forest Society of Maine asks for MFPC Board’s help

fsm_logoAlan Hutchinson, executive director of the Forest Society of Maine (FSM) will be attending the MFPC Board meeting Nov. 13 to ask for help in charting the land trust’s future.

“We are reaching out to forestland owners, forest products business owners, and others associated with Maine’s forestlands to learn of their visions for the future of the North Woods,” Hutchinson said. “We hope you will come and share your insights so that we can better understand the issues of today with the goal of helping FSM identify priorities for action that are responsive to current needs.”

Twenty years ago, he said,  a similar initiative led to FSM being transformed into a staffed organization to fill the need for a land trust focused on working forestlands to work with private landowners to help them keep their lands as productive, managed forest. In large part due to that inclusive beginning, FSM has helped keep one million acres across Maine as productive forestlands that sustain a flow of valuable forest products while also providing fish and wildlife habitat and traditional recreational opportunities. FSM’s board of directors feels it is time to again reach out to our supporters, landowners and managers, and others to gain insights and feedback that will help guide FSM for the next decade or two. Kathy Hunt of Starboard Leadership will be the facilitator for this meeting.

“We especially appreciate the Maine Forest Products Council for providing time on the agenda for this important discussion,” Hutchinson said. “I hope to see you on November 13.”


Important Tax Advocacy Document

White House supports timber tax provisions

David Tenny, president and CEO of National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO), alerted us to this important development. The White House released its Climate and Natural Resources Priority Agenda highlighting actions and positions the Administration will take to implement the President’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) on Oct. 14.

“Included in the Agenda is Administration support for the timber tax provisions in the current tax code,” Tenney emailed MFPC. “The reference can be found on page 66 of the Agenda, which you can view HERE. This is an important step forward in linking NAFO’s position on timber tax with other policy priorities within the Administration and Congress.  In this case the Administration has linked preserving the provisions to maintaining working forests as a response to climate change.  We will be able to use this linkage in our advocacy with certain members of Congress as they consider changes to the tax code in the next Congress. The Agenda also contains other references that are helpful to us including:

  1. Strengthening the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program to provide better forest carbon data (p. 63).
  2. Promoting the use of wood in building construction, particularly for the purpose of building tall buildings (7-15 stories) out of wood (p. 65)

“The strong showing for working forests in the Agenda is a product of the coordinated efforts of all the associations representing our industry and of our conservation group coalition partners as we have worked together to promote the carbon benefits of working forests and forest products.” Tenney wrote. “We thank our colleagues for the good partnership that has led to this result.”


About My Woods

New app helps landowners learn about their forest

eric mapWoodland owners in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York are about to have a new tool to help them learn about their woods.  AboutMyWoods is a new app for mobile phones and tablets (both Apple and Android) that puts a wealth of information at your fingertips.

“We’ve been working on a new, free app to help woodland owners in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York learn more about their forests and connect with the professionals that can help them,” MFPC member Eric Kingsley of Innovative Natural Resource Solutions said in an email. “AboutMyWoods includes detailed maps (soil, watershed, land cover, etc.) that can provide location-specific information throughout the region, and help landowners learn about their woods.  It also features some photo guides to common trees, plants and wildlife in the region – as well as lots of other resources. The North East State Foresters Association worked hard to develop this app, and we want it in as many hands as possible.”

One of the unique features of the app is the ability of a landowner to pinpoint a spot on the map – either where they are located or any other spot in the region – and access maps and information specific to that location.Maps include soils, land cover type, watershed and satellite view, providing users with instant and mobile access to information specific to individual parcels and locations.  With complete coverage in the four-state region, landowners can access maps specific to their interests.

In addition to maps, the AboutMyWoods app helps find local professionals – including state forestry educators, landowner organizations, Tree Farm committees, and land trusts active in the region. Users will also be able to use the app to identify common wildlife, trees, wildflowers, and invasive plants and insects.  High-quality photos, coupled with in-depth descriptions, provide the user with an indispensable tool for understanding their woods.

Just send an email to AboutMyWoods@inrsllc.com if you wish to  be alerted when the app is liv


Timber industry training 

CES offers 2014 Maine Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan training

CES, Inc. is offering a $250 course (per attendee) that fulfills the annual requirements of the Maine Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) for Stormwater Discharges from Industrial Activities.

What: Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) training for Sector A & B facilities

Where: CES, Inc.’s office, 465 South Main Street, Brewer, Maine

When: Tuesday, November 18, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Please RSVP to Chris Bagley  or 207-989-4824.

About MFPC

Staff contacts

Since 1961, the Maine Forest Products Council has been the voice of Maine’s forest economy. The MFPC represents the diverse needs of Maine’s forest products community. Our members are landowners, loggers, truckers, paper mills, tree farmers, foresters and lumber processors, but they are also bankers, lawyers and insurance executives. We feel we represent anyone who has an interest in seeing the Maine woods remain a viable, sustainable resource. We serve our community by gathering information, bringing groups together to discuss concerns, hosting events, conducting tours and helping people find common ground. We represent our members at the Maine Legislature, but also across the state, in Washington D.C. and across the nation.

Patrick Strauch, Executive Director;

Pat Sirois, SFI Coordinator

Roberta Scruggs, Communications Director

Sue McCarthy, Office Manager

Address: 535 Civic Center Dr., Augusta ME 04330

Phone: 207-622-9288  Website:  www.maineforest.org