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Wood is sustainable, renewable, greenhouse-gas friendly, highly versatile, grown with relatively little effort. Forests provide clean air, water, wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

MFPC report: Strengthening Maine’s sawmills

Sawmill report coverIn response to Governor LePage’s request to submit ideas concerning opportunities to strengthen Maine’s sawmill industry, the Maine Forest Products Council’s Manufacturing Committee is presenting this report with recommendations. The group has met twice to establish a list of problems and solutions, and then prioritized our recommendations in this report.

We understand that the Governor is interested in ways to make Maine’s sawmills more competitive and able to consume more of Maine’s log resources. We share this goal and believe that a strategy to evaluate and strengthen our competitive position in a free market economy is the best approach to take.   Maine’s export of logs is matched by a net import of pulp wood and our wood basket opportunity includes Canadian provinces and southern New England states. Addressing transportation infrastructure will enable our wood supplies to expand; addressing state policies on labor, economic development and energy could significantly lower our costs.

We have organized our recommendations in the broad categories of Public Policy; Transportation; Energy, Wood Supply and Labor. In each of these categories we have indicated both short term (immediate) and long term (1-2 year initiatives) that we think are important factors in bringing Maine into a world class competitive position.

Click here to download the complete report: Maine Sawmills: Recommendations to Strengthen Maine’s Competitive Position.

Click here to download the executive summary of the report.

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