Landowners can comment on LUPC criteria

The Land Use Planning Commission is seeking public comment on the standards that comprise the Certification Criteria for Projects Requiring DEP Site Permits. Notice of the public comment period and the draft Site Law Certification standards are posted on the commission’s website. The deadline for submitting written comments is the close of business Monday, June 3. If you have any questions, contact Marcia Spencer Famous, 207-287-4933.

 It’s important for landowners to participate in the upcoming hearing on the LUPC certification process. The document defines the land use standards that are addressed by LUPC when an application for a project in the unorganized territory is submitted to DEP for Site Law permit. Environmental advocates have argued that the CLUP itself should be a compliance standard. Land owners have fought to make sure that the CLUP is used to guide zoning districts and land use rules, and is not itself a land use standard for each permit. We will send out more information about MFPC concerns prior to the hearing.

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