McNulty presented with 2019 Albert D. Nutting Award


Alex Ingraham presents Nutting award to John McNulty.

By Alex Ingraham, president of Pingree Associates

The Maine Forest Products Council established the Albert D. Nutting Award in 1990, to commemorate the many contributions to Maine Forestry that Al Nutting was instrumental in creating.  He was, of course, the Director of the School of Forest Resources at the University of Maine, Maine Commissioner of Forestry, and, incidentally, one of the Founders of the Maine Forest Products Council.  This award has been presented annually to a remarkable group of individuals, each one of them truly unique, but with a common commitment to Maine and its forest industry.

“The recipient will have demonstrated recognized qualities of leadership and integrity, as well as a commitment to the values both public and private, generated from the working forest.  His or her experience will reflect concern for the sound environmental use as well as the economic value of the forest to industry and the community at large.”

John McNulty is certainly worthy of joining this impressive list of predecessors.  His contributions to our industry here in Maine, go well beyond the fine work he did for Seven Islands and the Pingree family over the last 41 years.

John ushered in the adoption of large scale certified sustainable forestry on the Pingree forest with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in 1993, and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) in 1999. He served on the board of FSC for many years ensuring that sound forestry and silvicultural principles were not lost in the political noise of certification.

To this day, he continues to serve foresters all over the country as the president of the Society of American Foresters, helping to drive change in that organization and mentor its new CEO Terry Baker. It has been a privilege to work with John these last few years as I’ve began my career and get the chance to learn from someone who has been so dedicated and passionate about our family’s forest for his entire career.

The plaque is printed on a black locust which grew on the lawn of the Nutting Homestead in Otisfield.  The tree was planted before 1850 by one of Al Nutting’s ancestors. I am honored to be here today to present the award to this year’s recipient John McNulty in recognition of his leadership and innovation in the forest industry, his passion for sustainable forestry, and his accomplishments and commitment advocating for the forest products industry not only in Maine, but nationally with his leadership at the SAF and the FSC.