MFPC Newsletter October 2021

MFPC asks court to stop enforcement of LD 188

The Maine Forest Products Council (MFPC) filed a lawsuit to prevent the State of Maine from enforcing a law (LD 188) that would have gone into effect October 18, 2021. The law forces landowners and trucking companies to discriminate against Canadian truck drivers who have legally entered the United States through the H-2A federal bonded labor program.

The complaint brought forward by members of the council, a trucking contractor and an H-2A bond laborer illustrates how the new law violates provisions of the U.S. and Maine Constitutions, including the Supremacy Clause; Count II under the same statutes advancing a claim under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, and Count III advancing a claim under the analogous Equal Protection Clause guarantees provided by the Maine Constitution.

The Maine Attorney General’s Office has agreed not to enforce the law until these legal issues are settled.

The MFPC Board of Directors includes logging and trucking contractors, paper mills and sawmills, landowners and foresters. Collectively they have taken this action out of concern for the public policy precedent created by this law, as well as the harm it would cause to individual members.
Maine’s geography creates a unique border with Canada in some of the most remote regions of the state. For generations Canadian workers have been a part of Maine’s forest workforce in these regions.
The federal H-2A labor program is administered by the State of Maine and is designed to ensure Maine workers are not displaced or that wages are not artificially depressed.

Teams of US and Canadian workers transport wood from the forest to Maine mills and mill workers. The Council believes it is time to move beyond infighting and focus on how we can collectively rebuild lost markets and build back a strong forest economy. Read BDN story.

Watch videos of all the 2021 MFPC Annual Meeting speakers

Council’s 61st Annual Meeting focused on the issues and outlook for Maine’s forest economy

A new economic impact study, great presentations on the outlook for wood and pulp and paper markets and a great slate of award winners all contributed to a outstanding annual meeting Sept. 19-20 at the Sugarloaf Hotel in Carrabasset Valley. About 90 people attended the meeting.

Our annual membership meeting started with a barbecue on Sunday, Sept. 9, which was delicious, fun and allowed members to catch up with friends and colleagues.

At the morning business meeting Sept. 20, outgoing President Gordon Gamble of Wagner handed over his gavel to new MFPC Board President Ryan McAvoy of SAPPI who welcomed back Peter Triandafillou as secretary and John Gray as treasurer.

Executive Director Patrick Strauch filled members in on a lot of activity, including new economic research — Statewide Economic Contribution of Maine’s Forest Products Sector — about Maine’s forest products industry by Megan Bailey and Sheldon Green of the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center. Despite some challenging years, Maine’s forest products industry contributed an estimated $8.1 billion to the economy — about $1 out of every $25 in Maine gross state product is associated with the forest products industry. The industry also contributed 31,822 jobs in 2019, so roughly 1 out of 25 jobs in Maine is associated with the forest products sector.

“This research shows that Maine is still a great place for a forest industry,” Strauch said. “The global economy is evolving rapidly and there are clearly many challenges ahead, but the forest products industry is reinventing itself to meet them.” Read more.

Click here to watch videos of all speakers’ presentations or download a pdf of their PowerPoints below.


Outstanding! MFPC honors the best of 2021

Albert Nutting Award: Peter Triandafillou, Huber Resources, for his leadership, integrity, and long-term commitment to sustainable forest management. Read more.
Abby Holman Public Service Award: Albro Cowperthwaite for blending forestry and outdoor recreation with a minimum of user conflicts. Read more.
President’s Award: John Gray, MFPC treasurer, for dedication in supporting and enhancing the mission of the Maine Forest Products Council. Read more.
Outstanding Forester: District Forester Dan Jacobs for his skills, knowledge, and willingness to help others. Read more.
Outstanding Environmental Managers: Ken Gallant, Pixelle, and Tom Griffin, SAPPI, for dedication to protecting Maine’s environment. Read more.
From left, Pat Sirois, SFI; Amanda Beal, ACF commissioner; Patrick Strauch, MFPC, and Diane Rowland and Bill Livingston, University of Maine.

“What a fantastic experience,” says new UMaine dean after forest tour

By Jim Britt, Director of Communications, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry

On a northern Maine forestry tour Oct. 4, ACF Commissioner Amanda Beal and Maine Forest Service (MFS) Director Patty Cormier recently introduced Diane Rowland, the newly appointed dean of the University of Maine College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture (NSFA) and director of the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station.

“What a fantastic experience,” Rowland emailed tour organizers on Oct. 5. “I am still amazed with what I saw yesterday and energized with ideas and possibilities . . . I am very grateful to everyone for providing this experience and learning opportunity!” See tour agenda.

The trio was joined by University Forest Manager Keith Kanoti, UMaine School of Forest Resources Interim Director Dr. Bill Livingston, Maine Forest Products Council Executive Director Patrick Strauch, and Maine Sustainable Forestry Initiative Coordinator Pat Sirois and others.

Livingston, Rowland, Cormier, Beal and Pat Sirois of SFI boarded an MFS helicopter in Oldtown and for their first stop in at the new Pleasant River Lumber mill in Enfield.

“We landed in the mill yard,” Sirois said. “Bark and dust was flying everywhere. We made quite an entrance.”

Then it was on to Greenville for a tour of an active logging site with industry representatives including Ben Dow, Henning Stabins, Ray Ary, MFS District Forester Jim Ferrante, and the father-and-son team from Dulac Timber Management.

“I’ve been in Maine for 36 years and never experienced a tour that was so effective in demonstrating what a treasure we have in the Maine forest and how much it means to the state in so many ways,” Livingston said.

BPL staff joined the group at their Lilly Bay State Park lunch stop. The tour was a day well spent discussing how important the university is to forestry in Maine and working together on initiatives.

“I look forward to deepening relationships and facilitating the work NSFA does to serve the industry and state while exploring opportunities to improve our effectiveness and continue to find new ways to stay relevant and address emerging needs,” Rowland said.


National Forest Products Week shines a spotlight on the forest products industry

This is the 61st anniversary of the week-long celebration Oct. 17-23

The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) President and CEO Heidi Brock issued the following statement in celebration of the 61st anniversary of National Forest Products Week (October 17-23).

“During National Forest Products Week, we recognize and celebrate our people – the approximately 950,000 individuals who make up the forest products industry and produce essential products, sustainably made.

“Our strength as an industry comes from our people. They bring undeniable value to communities, big and small, and are highly effective champions at sharing the good news of the sustainability of our forests and how to recycle paper and packaging products.

“The forest products industry is contributing to a more sustainable future. AF&PA member companies and their employees make products from renewable and recyclable resources, generate renewable bioenergy and are committed to continuous improvement through the industry’s sustainability initiative—Better Practices, Better Planet 2030: Sustainable Products for a Sustainable Future.

“This initiative includes goals to advance more resilient U.S. forests and a circular value chain through the production of renewable and recyclable products. It also includes goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, focus on worker safety, and drive water stewardship throughout manufacturing operations. Throughout National Forest Products Week we celebrate this work and shine a light on the people who are stewards of our forests, communities and our planet.”

For more information about AF&PA and the products our member companies make, visit And follow us at @ForestandPaper and join the conversation with #ForestProductsWeek for real-time news on National Forest Products Week.


Notice of public meeting: Maine endangered and threatened plant list update

PURPOSE: The Maine Natural Areas Program will hold a public meeting to give interested parties the opportunity to comment on the proposed update of the Official List of Endangered and Threatened Plants in Maine. The existing Official List is outdated and does not reflect the latest information available on rare plants in the state. The Maine Natural Areas Program’s enabling legislation stipulates that the Endangered and Threatened Plant List is for informational purposes only and should be updated every two years based on the best available information.

MEETING INFORMATION: The meeting will be conducted on-line Monday November 22, 2021 from 6-7:00 p.m. To request a link to the meeting please email with the subject “Plant List Meeting”.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: All interested persons are invited to attend and make comments for the record which have a bearing on the 2021 Endangered and Threatened Plant Draft List. Written comments are not required though they may be submitted via email or regular mail in lieu of meeting attendance. Please send written comments to the email or physical address as listed below.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Copies of the proposed update of the Official List of Endangered and Threatened Plants in Maine and documentation on the listing process may be obtained by emailing or by sending a request through regular mail to: Maine Natural Areas Program, #177 State House Station, Augusta, Maine, 04333-0177.

If you have questions regarding the meeting contact Don Cameron (287-8041) or Molly Docherty (287-8045) at the Maine Natural Areas Program.


About MFPC

Since 1961, the Maine Forest Products Council has been the voice of Maine’s forest economy. MFPC’s members are landowners, loggers, truckers, paper mills, tree farmers, foresters, lumber processors and the owners of more than 8 million acres of commercial forestland, but they are also bankers, lawyers and insurance executives. The Council represents members at the Maine Legislature throughout the state, in Washington D.C. and the U.S.

Patrick Strauch, Executive Director
Pat Sirois, SFI Coordinator
Roberta Scruggs, Communications Director
Sue McCarthy, Office Manager








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