MFPC’s 53rd annual meeting a great success

Throughout the two-day annual meeting at the Sugarloaf Inn, 119 people attended.
Throughout the two-day annual meeting, 119 people attended.

There was a great turnout for our 53rd annual meeting at the Sugarloaf Inn in Carrabassett Valley Sept. 8-9. Throughout the two-day event, 119 people attended.  The business meeting also was well attended with 80 members present and 36 members enjoyed a fun, but windy, round of golf.

“Nice job on the annual meeting,” Terry Walters emailed to the MFPC staff. “Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the programs and facilities”

At the business meeting, officers for 2013-2014 were elected. Mark Doty will continue to serve as president with Jim Contino, first vice president; John Gray, treasurer, and Richard Robertson, secretary. The second vice president’s position was left vacant. Additional members of the Executive Committee, who serve for a one year-term are: Peter Triandafillou, Steve Schley, Jim Robbins, Terry Walters and Nicholas Fontaine. New members added to the board are: Anthony Hourhain of J.D. Irving and Steve Hall of ReEnergy.

“I enjoy the annual meetings,” Doty said, “because so many members of the family that is our industry come together and get reacquainted, and with the annual awards we take the opportunity to recognize excellence in our industry. The meeting this year was particularly important with the roll-out of the Maine Forest Economy report and the spruce budworm strategy collaboration.”

MFPC cover for webDuring the morning session, members heard reports on membership goals, wildlife and other issues, and also heard Executive Director Patrick Strauch’s report.

Then members previewed a draft of the 28-page book,  Maine’s Forest Economy, which has now been revised to reflect their suggestions for additions and changes to Communications Director Roberta Scruggs. There were many comments about how important the book will be in showcasing Maine’s thriving forest products industry.

“I was greatly impressed with the report shared at the annual MFPC meeting showing the tremendous contribution that the forest products industry adds to Maine’s economy and its pool of employment,” said Sen. Andre Cushing, R-Penobscot. “To see that one out of every $16 dollars in our gross state product and one out of every 20 jobs is associated with Maine’s forest product sector shows just how significant this industry is now and will continue to be. The Maine woods has a long and proud heritage and its future certainly looks promising.”

The book is being printed now and will soon be mailed to MFPC members. Maine’s Forest Economy also can be downloaded from our website. The book will be distributed to legislators, the media and others in our industry. Patrick and Roberta already have been invited to present it at several meetings and also plan to speak to the media across the state.

The afternoon session was devoted to the first stage of developing a strategy to address the coming budworm infestation. MFPC, the Maine Forest Service and the University of Maine are leading the effort. The session started with presentations by Dr. Robert Wagner of the University of Maine (Maine Spruce Budworm Strategy Plan), Maine state forester Doug Denico, Lloyd Irland of the Irland group (Brown Needles – Lessons from the SBW Outbreak of 1970s and 1980s), and Dave Struble, Maine state entomologist (Reliving the Past and Looking Forward). Then members broke groups to discuss specific tasks.

“Congrats on an excellent annual meeting,” Don Tardie emailed. “The facilitated process to develop a plan of action on the budworm was well thought out and presented good input.”

As always, Jim Robbins Sr. was an incredible auctioneer, raising more than $3,000.

Dr. Wagner also was the keynote speaker, uplifting the audience with his presentation on the Importance of Wood and Future of Forest Industry.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation of the 2013 awards. This year’s winners were:

Maine’s Outstanding Logger Award: Sam Andrews, Andrews Timber Company.

Maine’s Outstanding Forester Award: David Cole, American Forest Management.

Outstanding Manufacturer: ReEnergy Holdings.

Albert D. Nutting Award: Clifton E. Foster.

Abby Holman Public Service Award: Dr. Bob Wagner.

President’s Award: Patrick Strauch.

From left, John Bryant, Chris Brochu, Jason Brochu and Rich Smith.
From left, John Bryant, Chris Brochu, Jason Brochu and Rich Smith.

Annual Meeting Golf Winners

1st Gross (65)

Chris Brochu – Pleasant River

Jason Brochu – Pleasant River

Rich Smith – Pleasant River

John Bryant – American Forest Management


From left, Gordon Scannell, Mike Lane,  Ken Lamond, Lee Chick.
From left, Gordon Scannell, Mike Lane, Ken Lamond, Lee Chick.



1st Net (69)

Ken Lamond – Family Forestry

Mike Lane – Preti Flaherty

Lee Chick – BerryDunn

Gordon Scannell – Perkins Thompson


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