Members enjoy the camaraderie at MFPC’s 61st Annual Meeting

Click to access videos of all speakers’ presentations

A new economic impact study, great presentations on the outlook for wood and pulp and paper markets and a great slate of award winners all contributed to an outstanding annual meeting Sept. 19-20 in at the Sugarloaf Hotel in Carrabasset Valley.

Our annual membership meeting started with a barbecue on Sunday, Sept. 9, which was delicious, fun and allowed members to catch up with friends and colleagues. 

At the morning business meeting Sept. 20, outgoing President Gordon Gamble of Wagner handed over his gavel to new MFPC Board President Ryan McAvoy of SAPPO, who welcomed back Peter Triandafillou as secretary and John Gray as treasurer. 

Peter Triandafillou and Jimmy Robbins insure the MFPC auction is both profitable and fun.

Executive Director Patrick Strauch filled members in on a lot of activity, including new economic research —  Statewide Economic Contribution of Maine’s Forest Products Sector — about Maine’s forest products industry by Megan Bailey and Sheldon Green of the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center. Despite some challenging years, Maine’s forest products industry contributed an estimated $8.1 billion to the economy — about $1 out of every $25 in Maine gross state product is associated with the forest products industry. The industry also contributed 31,822 jobs in 2019, so roughly 1 out of 25 jobs in Maine is associated with the forest products sector.

“This research shows that Maine is still a great place for a forest industry,” Strauch said. “The global economy is evolving rapidly and there are clearly many challenges ahead, but the forest products industry is reinventing itself to meet them.”

Monday evening, the annual  banquet included tour de force by Jimmy Robbins and Peter Triandafilous, who not only made the auction a huge success, but kept his audience laughing as they opened their wallets and checkbooks.

Behind the masks are Gov. Janet Mills and Scot Beal, Woodland Pulp.

The MFPC annual meeting focused on the issues and outlook for Maine’s forest economy.  (Click here to watch videos of all speakers’ presentations or download a pdf of their PowerPoints below.)




MFPC also announced its awards for “the best of 2021,” including:

Albert Nutting Award: Peter Triandafillou, Huber Resources, for his leadership, integrity, and long-term commitment to sustainable forest management. Read more.

Abby Holman Public Service Award: Albro Cowperthwaite for blending forestry and outdoor recreation with a minimum of user conflicts. Read more.

President’s Award: John Gray, MFPC treasurer, for dedication in supporting and enhancing the mission of the Maine Forest Products Council. Read more.

Outstanding Forester: District Forester Dan Jacobs for his skills, knowledge, and willingness to help others. Read more.

Outstanding Environmental Managers: Ken Gallant, Pixelle, and Tom Griffin, SAPPI,  for dedication to protecting Maine’s environment. Read more.

All in all, the 61st annual meeting is likely to be best remembered for its focus on the future of our industry and the fun everyone had getting together in person, rather than online.

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