ND Paper is Maine’s Outstanding Manufacturer of 2019

By Jerry Poulin, Wagner Forest Management

I am presenting Maine’s Outstanding Manufacturing Award on behalf of the Maine Forest Products Council. This award is going to a company whose name is new to Maine, but the names and faces of the employees we deal with on a daily basis are familiar to many of us. And after all it is the people we do business with that make the company.

Jerry Poulin, left, presents MFPC Outstanding Manufacturer Award to Randy Chicoine, center and Dave Harvey of ND Paper

I and others at Wagner Forest Management know and do business with many of these employees, and we are very pleased we get to continue our relationships.

When you hear a forest products company talk about a 100 year plan it certainly gives you hope for the future of our industry.

In recognition of the significant investment and confidence in the people and the communities of Maine and to the great benefit of the forest economy of Maine that this company has provided by its revitalization of the Old Town Mill and capital improvements at the Rumford Mill, the Maine Forest Products Council wishes to welcome to the state, and is proud to present the 2019 Outstanding Manufacturer Award to ND Paper.

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