The Wing family is ‘always willing to help out” 

Students at Brown Elementary School in South Portland students enjoy log seats donated by Richard Wing and Son Logging.

In early September, Gretchen McCloy, director of Community Partnerships, South Portland School Department, sent MFPC and other forestry organizations a plea for help.

“As are so many schools in our state, we are building out our Outdoor Classroom spaces,” McCloy emailed MFPC. “We are on a wild goose chase to find some donated stumps/logs to be used as outdoor seats (each chunk about the size of a 5 gallon bucket, or so).

“We have 8 schools in our district who would each love 15-25 log chunks,” she wrote. “Do you have any advice or recommendations on who I might contact who would be able to help us out with this?”

Several MFPC members tried to find ways to help, but in the end Richard Wing and Son Logging, a member of both MFPC and Professional Logging Contractors of Maine (PLC), came up with just what the South Portland schools needed.

“We are always happy to help out,” Lynn Wing said.

Tim, Lynn and Richard Wing

Anyone who knows the Wings know that is true. This wasn’t even the first time they’ve supplied logs seats for outdoor classrooms. They’ve also helped out the Gorham schools and they are stalwart volunteers for on SFI Maine’s Make-A-Wish projects.

“We were cutting on Phinney Lumber property in Gorham. We have a dump truck so we just cut them up in the landing, threw them into the dump truck. We ended up taking them some hemlock made them kind of roughly the size of a five gallon bucket,” Lynn Wing said. “I think we did a little over 100 of them.”

McCloy was thrilled.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful log seats you donated. While I haven’t gotten photos from every school yet, here is one of some students at Brown Elementary School taking a Mindfulness Break (practicing their breathing and being peaceful),” she wrote. “Really appreciate the donation.”