SFI Maine crew tackles a big job: Building wishes

As Joe Rankin noted in his feature story for Forests for Maine’s Future, SFI Maine “has helped out on a lot of community projects over the past decade or so. They’ve provided materials to build Habitat for Humanity homes, provided materials for buildings at Pine Tree Camp for people with disabilities, built fish-friendly ice shacks to raise money to improve fish passage on small streams crossed by logging roads and built tables that help teach how to properly size culverts in the woods. But this year’s project was extra special.”

That’s because SFI Maine partnered with Make-A-Wish this summer to makes the wishes of two boys come true.

Derek and Kyan were thrilled with the Ninja Turle playset and tiny clubhouse that the SFI crew built and the boys’ enjoyment brought tears — happy ones! — to everyone’s eyes. There also was an added bonus because Kyan lives in Bridgton, close to major media outlets, so there was an outpouring of media attention (see below) which also brought attention to SFI’s efforts to maintain sustainable forests. 

“You guys are amazing over there in Maine! It warms my heart,” Kathy Absusow, SFI president and CEO emailed Pat Sirois after seeing Kyan’s cabin. “I would love it if you could send this note to all those on the Maine SIC that donated products and helped build this beautiful cabin. You are such a talented and caring crew! It was such a great initiative and it rivals 84 Lumbers Tiny Houses that they make and sell for well over $100,000+ https://84tinyliving.com/ I know this as I was just in 84, Pennsylvania last week, meeting with their procurement and sustainability team . . . and yet yours was all built by Maine SIC hands and with Maine SIC products and Maine SIC love! Bravo! You have an amazing team over there.”


SFI Make – A –Wish Projects Donations and Workers

Financial donations:  Weyerhaeuser, Sappi North America, Katahdin Forest Management, ReEnergy, Prentiss & Carlisle, Wagner Forest Management, LandVest.

Building material donations: Katahdin Log Homes, Irving Woodlands, Hancock Lumber, Seven Islands, Louisiana Pacific, Maine Tree Foundation, Huber Engineered Woods.

Other donations: Richard Wing & Son Logging; Mattress Firm, Augusta; Home Depot, Topsham;  Lisa Huff, Tykie Molloy, Joan Hudson, Belinda Gaudet

Workers: Kevin McCarthy and Nate Gould, Sappi North America; Tim Richards and Bill Kimble, ReEnergy; Jeremy Miller, Prentiss & Carlisle; Sean LeFey, Katahdin Log Homes; Scott Pease, Hancock Lumber; Dale Currier, Louisiana Pacific; Kevin Doran, Maine Forest Service; Tom Doak and Bill Williams, Maine Woodland Owners; Mike Dann, retired, Seven Islands; Dave Griswold, retired, Verso; Donald Denico, Bonny Eagle High School; Pat and Bethany Sirois, SFI; Sue McCarthy, Maine Forest Products Council.

Media coverage of Kyan’s and Derek’s wish.






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