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After some of the toughest years in the long history of Maine’s forest products industry, a new, stronger forest economy is emerging thanks to investments of about $1 billion.

Special report on Rep. Michaud’s tour


Left to right, Peter Triandafillou of Huber Resources, Congressman Mike Michaud, Trevor London, and Ted Shina, also of Huber. Ted received the MFPC Forester of the Year award in 2011. Photo by Mike Treat.

U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud, D-Maine, toured nine paper mills and four suppliers across the state the week of Jan. 28.  After he visited the Twin Rivers Paper’s Madawaska mill Thursday, the St. John Valley Times reported, Michaud commented that among the concerns he has heard on his tour are new federal environmental regulations, reliable rail service and worker training. The Waterville Sentinel covered Michaud’s tour Monday of the Madison mill and the Lewiston Sun Journal reported on his visit to the NewPage mill in Rumford on Tuesday. Michaud is soliciting feedback from Maine residents about how the industry affects them.

The MFPC, however, was fortunate to have its own correspondent to cover the tour — Board Member Peter Triandafillou of Huber Resources. His report follows.

After leaving Great Northern Paper, Congressman Michaud stopped by to get a brief woods tour and a tour of Huber’s log yard near Millinocket.

The woods tour was on Prentiss and Carlisle and Huber land. The tour took us through a parcel that P&C harvested a few years ago. Mike Treat from P&C was on hand to describe the excellent work they’ve done there.

We then took a look at Huber’s current operation on the adjacent property. Ted Shina and Trevor London were there for Huber.

Mike was interested in our concerns, including the forest road point source pollution ruling, the Endangered Species Act, the importance of our relationship with our Canadian trading partners, and Maine specific issues.

We then took Mike on a brief tour of the log yard, showing him the sorting merchandizing and shipping of forest products by truck and rail to numerous customers.

After that Mike sat down with Marcia McKeague, Mark Doty, Ben Carlisle, Patrick Strauch and myself to discuss forestry and landowner issues. It was a good conversation, and we covered a lot of topics, including the proposed national park.

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