Start looking for big trees in Franklin County

kidbigtreeIt’s time to start looking for big trees! The Franklin County Big Tree Contest will run from May 12 through Sept. 30.

The contest this year will be to find native trees including the lesser-known trees as listed by the Maine Forest Service  at Project Canopy.

Once the nominations come in, Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) will work with Patty Cormier of the Maine Forest Service to measure and photograph these trees to see if they really are the biggest in Franklin County or even in the state!

Franklin County SWCD  has a simple nomination form that can be picked up at our 107 Park St, Farmington office or by requesting a copy at Individuals who nominate a big tree will receive a Forest Trees of Maine booklet.  Anyone who finds a tree that becomes a state winner will receive recognition at the Districts annual meeting where they will be award a special gift and certificate as well as being posted on the Maine Forest Service and the FCSWCD  web sites. For more information or to enter the contest, call Rosetta at 778-4279

Since 1940, there has been a national registry of the biggest trees of both native and naturalized species. Maine also has its own state registry of big trees. These registries help recognize the importance of trees to our environment and quality of life. Big trees provide cool shade and shelter for wildlife, as well as contributing to clean air and water. The Maine Forest Service has a website with more information about Maine’s Register of Big Trees.

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