Tim Sawyer named Outstanding Forester of 2019

Bob Chadbourne of Chadbourne Tree Farms presents MFPC’s 2019 award to forester Tim Sawyer. 

By Bob Chadbourne, owner Chadbourne Tree Farms

When Sue asked if I would be willing to make this presentation, I immediately said it would be a great privilege.

Tim has been described as humble.  An example of this was shown when I first told him he had been chosen to receive this award.  He quickly responded that he was not a forester anymore.  Trust me, he is and  ALWAYS will be a forester.  It is in his blood!

Tim is a great individual, a great forester and a great friend to everyone he has worked with.  He has a great family.

Also, he is extremely well respected in the local community and the forest products community and in all walks of life.  He is a “team player” and problem solver.

He is a veteran.

Tim has always been able to adapt to whatever challenge he is presented with and gives 100%.

Tim is a fantastic communicator and spokesperson.  He is excellent at creating presentations for group tours and meetings.  He is totally dedicated to good silviculture. 

When we needed to get someone more involved in our sawmill operation, he stepped in and did a great job including adopting full taper sawing which increased our grade recovery tremendously.

I would always want Tim on my side.  He has always shown drive and great leadership whether protecting our country or with business related issues.  

On the lighter side, he could always provide entertainment at just the right time.

I am very proud  and pleased to be able to present this award to you, Tim.

The inscription reads: “In recognition of his long-time dedication to good silviculture and of the great respect he has earned from friends, co-workers, employees, his community and the forest products industry, the Maine Forest Products Council proudly presents the 2019 Outstanding Forester Award to Tim Sawyer.”