Use of bolter saws in conversion of short hardwood logs

Fred Huntress, a long-time board member and valued consultant on MFPC’s new report on Secondary Wood Manufacturing in Maine, recently passed along this interesting piece of history from his amazing and enormous library on our industry.

By Richard Pierce, Manager of Mngineering, Forster Manufacturing, Farmington, Maine Northeastern Logger, November 1952 

The bolter was conceived first by one Timothy Ricker of Harrison, Maine about the year 1850. From that humble beginning Ricker Bolters progressed in design through several Ricker heirs and other licenses producers. Earl Glover, developer of the so-called Glover Bolter,designed the single belt drive friction which is now commonly used by other manufacturers.

Without doubt,however, the efforts of four generations in the J.W. Penney & Sons Company of Mechanic Falls, Maine have pioneered more of the present efficient model than all others since Timothy Ricker. This Company, which was founded in 1872,began manufacturing bolters soon after their inception and have more units in use today than any other manufacturer.

Although there are several companies in the United States and Canada which market Short Log Bolter, the Penney Machine and the modern Ricker,produced by two or more companies,are the most popular and important types.