Why did a delegation from South America visit MFPC?

Why did a delegation of visitors from South America visit MFPC? Find out below.
MFPC hosted a delegation from countries ranging from Mexico to Argentina.

On May 16, Pat Sirois, Roberta Scruggs and Sue McCarthy welcomed a delegation from South America, which was visiting Maine to study “sustainable landscapes” and wanted to talk to us about advocacy communication.

There were 12 visitors from countries ranging from Mexico to Argentina, two interpreters and Maureen Hurley, director of the International Visitors Program for the World Affairs Council of Maine (WACM) in Portland. She works with U.S. State Department to bring delegations to Maine to learn about a professional topic of interest under the auspices of the International International Visitor Leadership Program, a program started by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

All of these visitors were nominated for the IVLP by U.S. embassies in their countries, Hurley said, and are viewed by our American diplomats abroad as up-and-coming leaders in their countries. Many spoke English but a few did not, so our side of the conversation was translated into Spanish and the visitors’ comments and questions to English. Pat and Roberta had to be reminded to speak slowly, but the conversation was still very enjoyable on both sides.

“For us it was a very special time in the Forest Council!”Alfred Fast, Vice President of the Friesland Cooperative, a Mennonite agricultural cooperative in Paraguay,