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AbbyAbby Holman Public Service Award

The Abby Holman Public Service Award is an annual award given by the Maine Forest Products Council to an individual (or individuals) in recognition of outstanding service on behalf of Maine’s forest products industry.

The criterion for this award is simple. The recipients must demonstrate a level of passion, loyalty, and dedication to Maine’s forest products industry, to good government, and a robust economy much the same way that our former (1998-2003)  Executive Director Abigail Holman did.

Abby’s love of Maine and our natural resources showed in her work. And it was here that Abby built a reputation as a fierce defender of our traditional  natural resource industries.

1999  John Williams (LURC)2005  Kevin Stevens2011  Carol Woodcock2016 Dave Struble, MFS
2000   Sgt. David Peppard2006  Sherry Huber2012  Commissioner Bill Beardsley2017 Barry Burgason
 2001  John Simko2007  The Honorable Abigail Holman2013  Dr. Robert Wagner2018 Sarah Medina
2002  The Honorable Clifton Foster and Walter Gooley2009  Doreen Sheive2014  Sen. Patrick Flood2019 Steve Schley
2003  The Honorable Marge Kilkelly2010  Sen. Richard Nass and Sen. Doug Smith 2015 Keith Kanoti2020 Doug Denico
2021 Al Cowperthwaite

Albert Nutting

Albert D. Nutting Award

The Maine Forest Products Council established the Albert D. Nutting Award in 1990, to commemorate the many contributions to Maine Forestry that Al Nutting was instrumental in creating. 

He graduated from the University of Maine in 1927. He joined the UMaine Extension Service as forestry and home grounds specialist from 1931–48. He served as Maine forest commissioner from 1948-1958.

In 1958, he became director of UMaine’s School of Forest Resources, a position he held until 1971. As director, he helped develop forestry research legislation. During his tenure, a Ph.D. program in forestry was introduced and he received an honorary doctorate from UMaine in 1987. He also was one of the founders of the Maine Forest Products Council in 1961. 

This award has been presented annually since 1990, to a remarkable group of individuals, each one of them truly unique, but with a common commitment to Maine and its forest industry.

“The recipient will have demonstrated recognized qualities of leadership and integrity, as well as a commitment to the values both public and private, generated from the working forest.  His or her experience will reflect concern for the sound environmental use as well as the economic value of the forest to industry and the community at large.”

The plaque is printed on a black locust which grew on the lawn of the Nutting Homestead in Otisfield.  The tree was planted before 1850 by one of Al Nutting’s ancestors.

1990 Austin Wilkins2001 John Cureton2012 Don White
1991 George Carlisle2002 Max McCormick2013 Clifford E. Foster
1992 Brad Wellman2003 Clifford Swenson2014 Luke Brochu
1993 Fred Knight2004 Jenness Robbins 2015 Jim Robbins Sr.
1994 Lawrence Robbins2005 Doug Denico2016 Don Tardie
1995 John Sinclair2006 David Field & Bruce Wiersma2017 Steve Schley
1996 Joseph Sewall2007 Jonathan Ford2018 Mark Doty
1997 Dave Hancock2008 David Carlisle2019 John McNulty
1998 Bob Cope2009 John Cashwell2020 award skipped because of COVID19
1999 Harold O. Bouchard2010 Fred Huntress2021 Peter Triandafillou
2000 J. Paul Levesque2011 Bob Chadbourne

 Loggers                     Manufacturers               Truckers

1999 Arey Logging2004 Fraser2000 S. & S. Transportation
2000 Robin A. Crawford2005 Pleasant River Lumber2001 Jim Gillies Lumber Company
2001 Wayne Knight2006 Robbins Lumber2002 TNT Road Company
2002 Allen & Sons Ltd2007 Sebasticook Farms Lumber Mill2006 R.C. McLucas Trucking
2003 Trees Ltd.2008 Katahdin Forest Products2007 Babineau Logging
2004 Nadeau Logging2009 Kennebec Lumber Co.2008 Madden Timberlands
2005 Chopper One2010 Verso Paper2009 H.O. Bouchard
2006 R. A. Thomas Logging2011 Moose River Lumber2011 McKenney Trucking
2007 Babineau Logging2012 Sappi Fine Paper2014  Richard Carrier Trucking
2008 A. W. Madden2013 ReEnergy Holdings2018 Treeline Inc.
2009 A.S. & C.B. Gould2014  Hardwood Products2019 W. T. Gardner
2010 S. C. Wood Harvesting2015 Lumbra Hardwoods
2011 Comstock Woodlands Corp.2017 Limington Lumber
2012 Madden Trucking2018 Maine Woods Pellets
2013 Sam Andrews, Andrews Timber Co.2019 ND Paper
2014 Richard Wing & Sons
2015 D. R. Pepper
2016 William A. Day Jr. & Sons
2017 Qualey Logging
2018 Nichols Logging



2010 Frank Cuff
2018 Vern Labbe
2011 Ted Shina 2019 Tim Sawyer
2012 William "Bill" Brown
2021 Dan Jacobs
2013 David Cole
2014 Tricia Quinn
2015 Tom Whitworth
2016 Mike Dann


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