Sen. Lawrence: Let’s save both the Atlantic salmon and the Shawmut Dam

Keeping a hydroelectric dam on the Kennebec River would be good for the environment and the economy.

Maine has adopted a bold climate change strategy which has been embraced by the governor, the Legislature and the people.

At its core is to convert Maine’s energy consumption away from fossil-based fuels to renewable energy.  This change is crucial not just for environmental reason, but for economic reasons as well.  Limited supplies, the recent spikes in natural gas and oil prices and the disruptions caused by foreign wars have shown this time and time again.  Unless  Maine moves away from dependence on fossil fuel, Mainers will pay millions and millions of dollars in higher energy costs in the future.

However, every manner of producing energy will have an impact on the environment.  This is true for renewable energy: solar, wind, hydroelectric, tidal and thermal all have their own impacts on the environment.

The question then is how do we convert to a diverse base of renewal energy sources with the least negative environmental impact?…

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