December 2023 Newsletter

It is with great sadness that we share that, just before Thanksgiving, our good friend and longtime MFPC member Fred Huntress passed away at the age of 90. Fred will be remembered for his many contributions to our organization, and to the industry as a whole. A licensed forester, land surveyor, real estate appraiser and real estate broker, Fred was a man of many talents, and we all benefitted tremendously from his dedication, advocacy and his knowledge.

In 2010, the Council presented Fred with our prestigious Albert D. Nutting Award. This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated leadership, integrity and a commitment to Maine’s forest industry. A member of the Council for nearly six decades, Fred served as President of the Board from 1983-1985 and had the distinction of being the longest serving member of our Board of Directors.

Determined to establish his favorite tree, the white oak, across the State, Fred donated a sapling each year to the auction at our annual meeting. These saplings became a coveted item, with his final donated sapling fetching an impressive $400 for the cause. I consider myself fortunate to have one of Fred’s saplings planted at my family’s farm in Exeter.

In 2015, MFPC’s Roberta Scruggs interviewed Fred, and a few of his professional acquaintances, for a piece that was featured on our website. We have republished this article in memory of Fred and have included part of it in this newsletter to honor his memory. Fred’s obituary can be found here.

Throughout my tenure at the Council, I grew accustomed to receiving in the mail (Fred was not a fan of the internet) written notes expressing his opinion on the various policy positions the Council put forward. He was an independent thinker who never compromised his beliefs in what was the right thing to do in support of good forest management. He will be missed.


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