Press Release: Maine Forest Products Council Recognizes Don Kleiner of Union at Awards Ceremony

Benjamin Carlisle, MFPC President; Don Kleiner of Union; Patrick Strauch, MFPC Executive Director

BANGOR – The Maine Forest Products Council recognized Don Kleiner of Union with its Abby Holman Public Service Award at a ceremony on Monday, September 18. The award is given annually to an individual who has demonstrated a level of passion, loyalty and dedication to Maine’s forest products industry, to good government and a robust economy, much the same way MFPC’s former Executive Director and friend Abigail “Abby” Holman did.

Kleiner is a principal in Maine Outdoors, a Master Maine Guide of 37 years and a former executive director of the Maine Professional Guides Association. The award was presented by Patrick Strauch, Executive Director of the Maine Forest Products Council.

Strauch said, “In Augusta, groups advocating for forestry, agriculture, fisheries and recreation associations work together on collective priorities as part of a group that we call the Natural Resources Network. As an original member of this group representing guides, Don recognized the important linkage between landowners and recreational users. He stood side-by-side with the Council for 20 years, testifying on issues of importance to landowners. He proved to be a strong advocate and friend to the Maine Forest Products Council, making him deserving of this recognition. We are thankful to Don for his many contributions over the years.”

About the Maine Forest Products Council: Since 1961, the Maine Forest Products Council has been the voice of Maine’s forest economy. MFPC represents the diverse needs of Maine’s forest products community. Our members include landowners, loggers, truckers, paper mills, tree farmers, foresters and lumber processors, as well as bankers, lawyers and insurance executives. The Maine Forest Products Council represents anyone who has an interest in seeing the Maine woods remain a viable, sustainable resource. For more information, visit

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