Legislative Update – March 15, 2024

Only 33 days remain until statutory adjournment for the Second Regular Session of the 131st Legislature. Committees are churning out bills, but many big ticket items remain. Lawmakers will have to continue to pick up the pace to meet the looming deadline.

While the Council has been striking items from our list, there’s still a slow trickle of bills and amendments being drafted for consideration. As you will see below, the Council will weigh in on two new bills next week.

At this point, session is hectic with short notice periods and precious little time to review proposals. Our team will remain vigilant on behalf of our members. Watch your inboxes closely for alerts.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Pat and Krysta

PS: If you haven’t yet submitted comments in opposition to the proposed rule change for Ch. 375, you have until Monday to do so. FMI, click here.

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