Legislative Update – February 10, 2023

Last week, our staff and lobbyists appeared before two legislative committees to represent our membership in Augusta.

In the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee, we presented testimony neither for nor against LD 180, “An Act to Allow a Person to File a Paper Copy of a Timber Harvest Notification Form.”

In the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee, we presented testimony in support of LD 57, “An Act to Amend Maine’s Endangered and Threatened Species List.”

Our testimony on these bills can be found linked above or here on our website under the ‘Legislative Action‘ section of our new website.

Next week will be a little bit busier, with work sessions scheduled for a number of bills we have engaged on in the ACF and IFW Committees. We will also testify in the Taxation Committee for the first time this session on a bill regarding third-party certifications, and in the Labor and Housing Committee against a bill to remove the intentional acts and omissions from workers’ compensation exemptions. The Council opposes this bill because we fear that such a change would compromise the entire system and open employers up to endless litigation that goes above and beyond their workers’ compensation policy.

A preview of the public hearings and work sessions that we will be monitoring next week are included below. If you need help submitting testimony or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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