November 2022 MFPC Newsletter

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The last month has been an exciting one for Maine’s forest products industry. The month kicked off with the Bangor Daily News’ annual Maine Forest Products publication. The Council was featured on page 16 with a half-page advertisement and a column highlighting ongoing investments and emerging opportunities in the industry. Since the time of that publication, LP Building Solutions announced plans for a $400 million expansion of the Houlton facility and Sappi announced plans for a $418 million investment to convert Paper Machine #2 and expand production.

There is no doubt that our industry has some challenges ahead – labor shortages, inflation and the high cost of diesel fuel, just to name a few – but these investments are a strong show of confidence and will be key to capturing future markets and securing relative stability for the industry moving forward.

These investments also highlight just how connected the entire industry is, from the stump to the mill, and how important it continues to be for all players, from loggers and haulers to foresters, landowners, mills and producers, to band together to fully take advantage of the opportunities ahead, and to find solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

These are exciting times for our industry. Here at the Council, we look forward to continuing to serve as a venue for all sides to come together to forge one common path forward. When we work together, great things happen for our industry and the entire state of Maine.


Click here to view the full November 2022 Newsletter
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