63rd Annual Meeting

63rd annual meeting speaker lineup

Delegation addresses


Commissioner Heather Johnson

Market Development in the Forest Industry – As Commissioner of the Maine Department of Economic Community Development, Heather Johnson has done a tremendous amount of work to help develop markets for Maine’s forest industry. During this segment, Commissioner Johnson will speak to MFPC membership about her work in this area and her perspectives.

Mark Savage

Building Opportunities for Careers in the Forests of Maine - Under Mark’s leadership, Brewer High School’s Forestry and Outdoor Education program entered phase three, a six-week intensive summer education program, this summer. The program was made available to high school students from schools across the state. Through the program, students learned quality skills like operating equipment while gaining an understanding of the forest and outdoor recreation industries and the opportunities they present. Located at a facility near Gulf Hagas and Katahdin Iron Works, the program featured an integrated, hands-on curriculum taught by certified outdoor education, forestry, science and social science teachers.

Krysta West

New Paid Family Medical Law - Program overview.

Award Winners

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